builds small mobile networks with GSM and LTE

Complete Mobile Networks

The platform is a complete mobile network solution for small networks. It is based on standard base station equipment and our revolutionizing GSM/4G core technology.

Small Network, Small Price

Mobile networks of any size normally require big budgets. Our platform changes that.

We build complete networks:
  • Equipment on the Towers
  • Transmission from Towers to Core
  • GSM/4G Mobile Core
  • Billing and customer care system

We can build a full GSM/4G mobile network, covering an area of 500 km2, for no more than a few hundred thousand dollars.

Works with all Phones

Other companies can provide LTE-only networks for reasonable prices. These networks are typically poorly suited for business and only work with few specific phones.

Our mobile networks are for the general public:
  • Voice, Data and SMS for all users
  • Follows GSM/4G mobile standards
  • Works with all phones

Some users have a Nokia™ 3310 from the 90s and some users have the latest iPhone™. They all expect that their mobile network supports the stuff their phone can do. Our networks make all the users happy.

Managed Service

Engineering and operation a mobile network requires special qualifications and deep technical insight. The platform follows the model of the managed service.

Operation, monitoring and analysis of our mobile networks is mostly done remotely. The majority of the activities take place at our network operations center in Denmark.

The service includes:
  • 24/7 operation and monitoring
  • Pro-active correction of problems
  • Interfacing to other networks

With, mobile networks are built easily and the business model makes complete sense for small mobile networks.


In 2010 Access Communications Ltd was established as the Second National Operator (SNO) in Malawi. Access Communications has a country wide network based on CDMA and LTE technologies.

Mobile Challenger

New operators that set out to sell Voice, Data and SMS services better than the established operators often find their plans hampered by the very same problems that make the established players inefficient. By choosing the same solutions and methods as the established operators, the challengers face:
  • Massive investment requirements
  • Complexity and need for exotic technical expertise
  • Fraud exposure

Breaking the Yoke

Access Communications decided to adopt the service for billing and signaling. This decision swiftly put an end to long standing problems and Access were suddenly in a position to better sell Voice, Data and SMS with:
  • Top-up and balance transfer via SMS codes
  • Combination Voice, Data and SMS bundles
  • Hybrid work/private accounts
  • Customer segmentation and marketing

Launch and Beyond

The deployment of at Access was realized roughly 3 months after effective contract. But the launch is just the beginning, over the coming months and years the included product and service adoptions of will allow Access to grow their business.

Access Communications

Contract effective:July 19th 2016
Cut-over date:October 29th 2016
2G/3G RAN:Huawei CDMA
4G RAN:Nokia LTE
Replaced signaling:Legacy OCS, IN & AAA
Replaced billing:Legacy billing and voucher management


Building a New LTE Business

The time from start of expenditures to start of revenues plays a crucial role in any business plan. However, in the mobile world, network operators generally accept that it takes 6 - 18 months to get the billing system operational.

YooMee Côte d'Ivoire had chosen to deploy a TD-LTE network from Alcatel-Lucent and they understood that the billing implementation time was a decisive factor for their project.

fast billing deployment for LTE was deployed over a 3 month period. Initially signaling and integration test with ALU EPC were carried out. In parallel the customer portals, product catalogue and payment interfaces were prepared for launch.

Commercial Launch After 92 Days

With YooMee were able to activate and sell their full catalogue of LTE broadband products just 92 days after billing contract signature.

YooMee could quickly capitalize on being the first LTE broadband provider in Côte d'Ivoire.

YooMee Côte d'Ivoire LTE Billing

Contract signature:December 31st 2013
Integration complete:February 20th 2014
First commercial use:April 3th 2014
Network technology:Alcatel-Lucent TD-LTE
Network signaling:3GPP OCS, PCRF and AAA


MVNO for Business Customers

M-Mobility is a Danish MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Their focus is exclusively on business customers and they are market leading in this field.

M-Mobility offer their business customers:
  • Modern virtual switchboard for mobile and fixes phones
  • SIM cards for the whole customer organization
  • A single invoice for all communication services
  • A predictable monthly fee

Quotas and Services

With the M-Mobility business model, the quotas and services are defined at the customer level. These services and quotas are then shared between all the SIM cards of that particular customer.

Traditional billing systems define quotas and services for each individual SIM card. Most systems are even assuming that one SIM card is one customer.

Multiple SIM cards per customer

M-Mobility were struggling with these kind of limitations in their billing. Therefore when the time came to introduce interfaces to a second MNO, they decided to also replace their billing system.

Cleaning up with

When was introduced, M-Mobility instantly had support for their actual business model, as well as:
  • Modern web based user interface
  • Streamlined daily processes
  • Support for mixing SIM cards in 2 MNO networks

M-Mobility multi MNO billing

Active SIM cards:More than 10,000
Customer types:Only business
SIM cards per customer:Average around 20
Previous billing:Rator from CDRator
Serving MNO networks:Hi3G and TDC


The technology is based on modern technology that is actively maintained and improved. The managed service model includes updates to functionality and features based on requests. There are typically 6 - 10 updates per year. All of our networks automatically benefit from these recurring improvements.

Technical Interfaces

The commercial model and technical architecture of supports any relevant signaling, provisioning and payment interface. Example interfaces already in operation:
  • Complete 3GPP Diameter and IETF RADIUS interfaces
  • 2G/3G MAP, CAMEL interfaces via SIGTRAN
  • Voice call admission and routing via SIP
  • Paypal and credit card payment gateways
  • Online prepaid voucher dispensing API
  • SOAP, REST and XML based service provisioning

End User Interfaces is designed to deliver all the relevant user interfaces that are needed for business with the end customers. Example user interfaces in operation:
  • Customer activation - POS (Point of Sale)
  • Customer portals with balance top-up and products sale
  • SMS, USSD, e-mail and PDF notifications

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Questions and Feedback

Contact us to discuss the business possibilities with, for example:
  • Project models and budget numbers
  • A demonstration

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