builds small mobile networks with GSM and LTE and 5G

Mobile Networks

The platform is a complete mobile network solution. It includes a modern, IT-based software core to drive industry standard base stations.

Standard networks, small footprint

Building and operating mobile networks normally requires big budgets and lots of time. The platform changes all that. enables full scope mobile networks with standard base station equipment:
  • Radio equipment on the Towers
  • Transmission from Towers to Core
  • GSM/4G/5G Mobile Core
  • Billing and customer care system
  • SIM Cards and Vouchers

Works with All Phones

Other solutions provide LTE-only networks for a reasonable price. Such LTE-only networks are typically poorly suited for business because they dont work with all phones.

A mobile network supports all users:
  • Voice, Data and SMS
  • Follows GSM/4G/5G mobile standards
  • Works with all phones

Managed Service

Building and operating a mobile network requires special qualifications, deep technical insight and relentless focus on analysis and improvement.

A network has all that included - just like a managed service.

Operation, monitoring and analysis of the mobile networks is mostly done remotely. The majority of the activities take place at our network operations center in Denmark.

The service includes:
  • 24/7 operation and monitoring
  • Pro-active correction of problems
  • Interfacing to other networks

With, a real mobile network is built easily and the business model makes complete sense for small or challenger operators.


The Mobile Core is a critical component in any mobile network. While each Base Station serves the users in its particular cells - it is the Mobile Core that binds all the cells together to form a network.


MOBIS is the Mobile Core. This mobile core was developed specifically to operate mobile networks in a simple and efficient way - and to make sure that the network serves as a foundation for business:
  • Data, Voice and SMS
  • Works with all mobile phones
  • Supports Macro and Micro base stations
  • Makes operation and maintenance easier
  • 5G Prepared

MOBIS is a pure software solution that uses current server hardware. It connects to the Base Stations via standard IP based communication. It is designed to actively assist with analysis and optimization of the radio network.


The first call on a GSM network took place in 1991 - almost 30 years ago. Since then, the GSM standard has been adopted by hundreds of networks globally. This interconnected network is used by billions of people every day.

Since GSM was launched, several new generations have been introduced. However, GSM remains an important part of mobile networks, because most mobile phones still expect mobile networks to have GSM available as the fallback.


4G (also known as LTE™) was introduced in 2009. Today, 11 years later, 4G delivers most of the consumer mobile data volume on the planet. 5G is not expected to replace 4G for many years to come. However, 5G is expected to become gradually more important over the coming years.

The MOBIS Mobile Core enables integrated GSM + 4G networks and provides the users with all the expected services:
  • Data speeds up to hundreds of Mbit/s
  • Crystal clear voice calls
  • Messaging with text and smileys
  • Top-up and balance transfer via USSD

MOBIS Mobile Core

Radio tech:GSM + 4G
Frequencies:900 MHz, 1800 MHz and many more
Voice:CSFB + VoLTE
GSM Radio:Nokia Flexi
4G Radio:Any 3GPP Compliant LTE eNodeBs


Billing of mobile services

BOWI is the billing platform. BOWI was designed specifically to be the business operation system for mobile services. The system that enables the operator to use the mobile network for business.

Customer Acquisition

It is important for every mobile operator to have a steady stream of new customers. Here BOWI helps by making it easy to activate customers:
  • Face to face - in shop or showroom
  • Online self-activation (incl. eSIM)
  • By 3rd party

BOWI automatically recognizes the customers when they access the web portals and other services from their mobile phone. This means that automated activation flows with ID requirements can be satisfied.

Mobile for Normal People

BOWI is designed to give the customers intuitive ways to carry out their daily transactions:
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • By USSD Codes
  • Web based mobile portal

Each customer can freely choose to use any of the interfaces. All of the interfaces are designed to be easy to use, so that the masses can benefit from the services.

Interfaces to other systems

BOWI is designed to control and service a mobile core with standard 3GPP interfaces. However, in order to make a business out of a mobile network, interfaces to more than just the mobile core are required.

Some of the most important interfaces that BOWI supports are:
  • Real-time signaling interfaces to the Mobile Core
  • Data files for Vouchers and SIM Cards
  • Payment gateways for credit card payments
  • Exchange of TAP records for interconnect
  • Mediation and Provisioning to external MNOs

Billing with BOWI

Operators interface:Web based
Customers interface:Web, USSD, SMS and IVR
Payment methods:Vouchers, Transfers, Credit card and more


Making the Mobile Business

The service includes the mobile network and the technical stuff that keeps that keep all the green lights on. However, additional functionality is required to make a successful business out of a mobile network - this is also included:
  • Customer activation - POS (Point of Sale)
  • Business operation web interface for staff
  • Customers Top-up via USSD, SMS, Transfer and Web
The worldwide GSM ecosystem allows subscribers to communicate and roam between networks. The service enables these services for the benefit of subscribers and business:
  • Roaming - Inbound and outbound
  • International Voice Outbound and Inbound
  • International SMS Outbound and Inbound
  • A2P SMS Inbound

The Mobile Networks

The mobile networks that we build are based on the mobile core that is developed and maintained by us. The radio equipment in the towers is industry standard equipment from Nokia™ with full coverage and support for all phones.

A network supports GSM, 4G and 5G. Voice and SMS supports Circuit-Switched Fallback, so even the simplest mobile phones can enjoy service on our networks.

Our mobile networks support all the mainstream mobile frequencies, for example:
  • 900 MHz GSM/4G
  • 850 MHz GSM/4G
  • 1800 MHz GSM/4G/5G

To Get Started

We enter into partnerships with businesses that holds the relevant licenses and physical premises in a specific geographical area.

We bring the mobile network, the know-how and the interfaces to the GSM ecosystem. The business model is then a permanent joint venture where the partners work together for ever increasing mobile revenues.

Our contribution to the partnership:
  • Realization of a mobile network with almost no CAPEX
  • Certainty of well-functioning technology
  • Shortcut to GSM ecosystem interconnection
  • Extensive experience with mobile business processes

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